Proudly display your restaurant products online.

Do you want to sell your restaurant products online? BistroUX allows you to integrate an online store into your website. From wines and house-special sauces to t-shirts and caps, you can provide fast and secure shopping options for all your customers. Shoppers can easily purchase products on your website and have them shipped directly to their homes. BistroUX will save you more money than 3rd party e-commerce stores, with no per-transaction pricing.

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With increasing concerns about online security, customers prefer online shopping sites that are reliable, secure, and easy-to-use. BistroUX utilizes encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard customer information. Moreover, the application and database are hosted in highly secured and stable data centers with disaster recovery and high-availability capabilities.


BistroUX has a comprehensive suite of features that allows for seamless integration and consistent user experience throughout your website. Your restaurant branding will stay consistent throughout all the different features you customers might choose.


With so many configuration options available through BistroUX, you have a versatile and powerful tool at your fingertips. Features can quickly be customized to showcase your restaurant's unique brand: product description, images and attributes, shipping options, pricing and discounts, promotional codes, and much more. This will create a unique shopping experience for your customers and improve your products’ search visibility to drive additional traffic to your website.