Gift Cards

Increase your Revenue this Holiday Season with Gift Cards.

More revenue for you, great gifts for your guests.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost sales this Holiday Season. BistroUX allows you to offer Gift Cards (both Plastic and Digital) easily on your website.

BistroUX lets you:

  • Sell digital or plastic gift cards on your website
  • Ship to multiple customer addresses in a single transaction
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Introduce your restaurant to new customers

Plastic and Digital. Best of both worlds.

Whether you sell plastic or digital e-gift cards, BistroUX allows you to offer both to your customers. Personalized messages, different styles, and shipping to multiple addresses are the features your customers will greatly appreciate.

Online gift Certificate Shopping Software Columbus, OH

Shipping to multiple addresses.

Give your customers the option to ship to multiple addresses in the same transaction. The vast majority of other 3rd party gift card providers will force your customers to place separate orders for individual shipping addresses, leading to a frustrating user experience. BistroUX is different.

Offer bonus card and discounts to reward patronage.

Reward your loyal customers with attractive discounts and bonus card options. Whether your restaurant offers a holiday promotion or an ongoing loyalty program, BistroUX helps you attract new customers and retain existing patrons long-term.

Gift Cards make great holiday gifts to friends, family, and business associates. Help your patrons share the joy of your irresistible cuisine through your restaurant’s gift card program.