One solution. Endless possibilities.

BistroUX is a one-of-a-kind restaurant software that provides a unique User eXperience for your website. Our comprehensive software includes: Reservations, Carry Out Orders, Gift Cards, E-commerce, Event Calendars, Web Hosting, SEO, and many other incredible features.

Our features are available in ONE all-inclusive package - right on your website - so your website can increase customer retention and maximize sales.

It's all about the User eXperience.

Excellent, prompt service. You are here whenever we call you. Our marketing efforts have improved a lot with BistroUX. The BistroUX technology is wonderful, with a lot of features in one package. We hope to continue using BistroUX for a long time.
- Tadka Indian Cuisine

BistroUX has helped us stay in front of our audience with social media like Facebook. They are great to work with and very good at coming up with material that relates to our country and our cuisine. We have a daily message that we send out on our Facebook page to let customers know about daily specials, while highlighting our catering, desserts and any special events. Everyone must have this in their monthly budget because it only makes sense to connect with your current business fans!
- King Gyros

Vaqueiros is a new, modern taqueria made in a fast-casual way. BistroUX has made a difference by working hard on our web design and creating a way for us to receive fast online orders. All I can say is thank you, for your good customer service.
- Vaqueiros



BistroUX seamlessly integrates with your restaurant's website. Whether we develop your website or just plug into your existing site, it works seamlessly, giving your customers a unique user experience. It works on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers as well.

BistroUX stands out from the competition in pricing and flexibility. Compared to other online restaurant software, it costs significantly less and provides greater functionality.

Know your Customers

Do you know your customers? Do they use Carry Out or Dine in? Have they bought Gift Cards before?

Now with an advanced Dashboard, you will be able to understand your customers' buying habits, needs and interests. The Dashboard will provide you with data and analytics about your customer behavior.

IT Support

Full IT Support

BistroUX also provides web hosting and SEO services so you don't have to worry about technology. You can focus on serving your customers while we focus on keeping your technology stable and safe. Our support team is here to assist you 24x7.

Developed by Cybervation, a Dublin, Ohio company with 20-year history of developing complex business software systems. Our award-winning management team has 45+ years of combined technology management and software design experience in enterprise software applications.