BistroUX will allow you to bring more customers, while reducing your operational cost. The Restaurant industry is embracing online solutions, shouldn't you too?
No, BistroUX can be used by restaurants as well as retail stores that want to offer their customers online shopping experience.
BistroUX is a web-based online software platform that integrates well with your website and offers customers a seamless ordering experience.
Yes, absolutely. BistroUX can be used on desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones.
No, BistroUX is strictly an online Carry-Out enabler. Customers come to your website and choose to order Carry Out from there.
Firstly, when customers call your restaurant for Carry Out orders, they tie up the phone line for quite a few minutes. Secondly, phone conversations often tend to not produce accurate results if there are communication gaps between customers and your staff. More and more customers (especially Millennials) prefer online ordering than talking to somebody on the phone. So, online ordering is really the way of the future.
NO, Customers go to YOUR website to order Carry Out for your restaurant.
If you don't have a website, we will build one for you. In the current day and age, every restaurant must have a website. If you don't have one, don't worry. We will build a trendy, modern website that you will be proud of.
Yes, the tablet is free with a 1-yr subscription to one of our paid services.
Your tablet will buzz or make a loud sound when you get a new Order. We can also send you a text message or Fax, if you prefer that.
The customer pays when they place the order, so you don't have to worry if the customer will actually show up and pay for the order at all.
Just call us at (614) 356-8000 and we will go over all the exciting packages we have.
We can set you up in 24-48 hours.
Go to the website of the restaurant that you want to order from and select Carry Out ordering. You will need to choose your items and checkout like you would in a normal shopping cart.
Yes, absolutely. You can order through your phone, tablet or any desktop or laptop computer.
No, there is no fee for you to order online.
Yes, absolutely. If the participating restaurant offers Gift Cards, you can definitely buy through their website.
You always pay at the final step of your order. It works just like any other shopping cart.
No, we don’t offer delivery services, and we don't intend to. Our software is in direct competition with delivery services, we provide exceptional value to both customers and restaurants, that delivery services won't be able to provide.
Yes, absolutely. BistroUX hosts your information in secure data centers, so your information is secure.
No, you don't need to create an account. Just choose your favorite items, checkout and order.
You can redeem coupons during the ordering process. Gift cards may be redeemed at the restaurant.
No, we take customer payment information very seriously, so we don’t store that information in our software or server.

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